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2018 new SYM Maxsym TL1 500 features promo video

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Uploaded: 27 Oct 17
Duration: 00:01:59
Description: SYM All New Maxi-Scooter
Collaborating with a team of talented European designers, SYM is presenting a brand new Crossover Maxi-Scooter to riders looking for an amazingly exciting riding experience. This slim and clean-cut SYM Maxi-Scooter embodies the aggressiveness and vigor of sportiness, at the meantime, its excellent maneuverability and handling will surely satisfy riders’ highest demands over safety, comfortableness and sheer joy of riding.
More details about this highly anticipated SYM MAXI-SCOOTER will be disclosed in the coming EICMA, 2017, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Milan this November….

SYM is proud to introduce the brand new top-of-the-range maxi scooter-TL1. Inspired by the superbike spirits, TL1’s innovated twin cylinder pursues the ultimate performance and steering pleasure for riders. Designed in SYM Europe design house, TL1 is enriched with urban sleek and aggressive compact appearance, and unique LED light set gives TL1 a remarkable and “easy-to-tell” SYM signature on the vehicle itself.
1. Sufficient and stable power performance

- Twin-cylinder frame-mounted engine with a reversed balance shaft and wet clutch aims to reduce vibration effectively even at low speed.

- 8 Valves-DOHC-465 displacement、Maximum horsepower 29.4kw@6500~7750rpm. Power performance is one of the best in similar capacity-competitors.

2. Excellent Maneuverability

- The remarkable function “adjustable centered-suspension with multi-link (6 links)” simply justifies the incredible ability to overcome the poor road condition or making an immediate turn at a high speed easily and smoothly.

- Upside-down front fork enables steering in more sensitive and quick-responsive performance. In addition, the design of shorter wheelbase (1550mm) creates the 50/50 weight-balance (-which is believed the shortest wheelbase among the same displacement competitors), and which utilizes the superior power performance in cruising.

3. Safety Braking system

- The braking systems covers dual-disk FR wheel, 4-piston radial caliper, ABS, and each design ensures the rider’s safety.

4. Sleek and aggressive sportive look design

- Inspired by superbike, applying some element into appearance look- simple but sleek sportive.

- All LED light set highlights SYM new high-tech brand signature.

- Reflective LED headlight and fashionable LED tube position light simply create the unique brand and product identity of SYM.

Engine type Twin cylinder 8 Valves
Displacement 465 CC
Cooling sys Liquid cooling
Fuel sys. E.F.I.
Transmission CVT + Chain
FR suspension sys Upside-down FR fork
RR suspension sys. Adjustable rear mono-suspension with multi-links
FR brake sys. Both side four piston/ radial-mount calipers
275mm double disk
RR brake sys. 275mm single disk +ABS
FR tire 120/70/R15
RR tire 160/60/R15
Head light Reflective LED
Dimension (mm) 2190/775/1400
Wheelbase (mm) 1550
Seat Height (mm) 800
Fuel Tank Capacity 13L
Under seat Compartment Full-size Helmet X1
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2018 new SYM Maxsym TL1 500 features promo video
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